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Grown at the most
renowned regions

Known across the globe as the most precious rice variety, Basmati is the most treasured food grain grown in the Indo-Gangetic Plains. Fertile alluvial soil, fresh air & water contribute to the distinctive aroma and taste associated with Basmati rice. The quality of Basmati rice is characterized by the region where it is grown. Knowing it very well, we procure it from the agricultural fields well-known for it.

Safety in
all aspects

From storage of raw materials to processing and packing to dispatch, DS Agrifoods emphasizes safety and the highest standards of hygiene. You can trust our products, enjoy them with confidence and Savor them for a long time. DS Agrifoods guarantees food is free of contamination.

International Reputation
Trusted across the world

DS Agrifoods is on a mission to popularize Basmati across the world, and we do it with confidence, gaining the trust of international audiences with genuine, authentic Basmati processed the right way. DS Agrifoods can rightly claim the top spot as one of India's finest rice millers and exporters.


Plant and machinery

Untouched by human hands during the process. Extremely rigid standards of hygiene. Emphasis on worker cleanliness and use of the right processes and techniques. An automated computerized process with QC at each stage, watched by hawk-eyed quality control specialists.

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Our Product

Savor the taste, relish the flavor, reveal in its purity.

Our range of rice varieties stands out on its merits. It is healthy, nutritious, tasty, a delight in each grain, each morsel, a memory to relive.