Hill Queen Basmati Rice Premium

Product Description

While all rice carrying our brand can boast of outstanding qualities, even among these the Hill Queen Basmati Rice Premium stands out. This is a chosen strain of rice technically named as Pusa basmati 1401, delicate, exquisitely fragrant, with a creamy texture, delicately nurtured and grown under carefully controlled conditions followed by meticulous processing. It is simply unmatched, earning the sobriquet of Hill Queen. Once you partake of this, all other rice will seem ordinary. This is food of Gods, fit for connoisseurs.

Product Packaging

1Kg, 5kg and 25Kg

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Product Highlights:

Impregnate by clean, snow-fed water from the lap of the Himalayas, the valley of rice draws the signature of the authentic exotic aroma of hill queen basmati rice, premium in taste really pleasing, it's light to digest, healthier and nutritious. Nature magic gives special and the proven goodness of tasty longest grains which give the finest presentation of rice mysterious menus, ancient origins that have found their way all over the world.

  • Grain Length : 7.45 MM
  • Moisture : - 12.5% Max.
  • Broken Grain - 1% Max.
  • Milling Degree - Well Milled & Sortex Cleaned
  • Foreign Matter - Nil
  • Purity - 95.00%
  • Natural Admixture - 5.00%
  • Packaging Type - BPP bag or as per buyer's choice.
Product description:

Pusa1 Basmati rice is a predominant constituent of rejoicing fine food and mouthwatering delicacies and there is no finer expression of fine food than a gourmet rice menus. Hill Queen Pusa 1 Basmati Rice Premium is a landmark Basmati rice variety having Basmati quality traits introgression leads from traditional Basmati, which has been cultivated for centuries at the foothills of Himalayan mountain ranges, in India to make fine food and mouth-watering delicacies. The Himalayan foothills are not only marginal in terms of potential productivity but their soil fertility quality and rice productivity emphasize exotic rice meal becomes undeniably delightful when you have a pack of the finest rice selection.

Hill Queen Pusa 1 Basmati Rice Premium is long slender milled grains having an appealing taste, good aroma, and easy digestibility. The most striking characteristic feature of Hill Queen Pusa 1 Basmati Rice Premium, as compared to other Basmati rice varieties is its kernel length after cooking, the volume expansion in the cooked rice is more than 3.8 times. This helps in realizing more cooked rice volume with lesser milled rice, a trait most preferred in the household as well as the hotel industry that received phenomenal acceptance in the domestic as well as global market.

DS Agrifoods (P) Limited, for storage the processing of grains uses the latest Japanese state-of-the-art technology whole-genome sequencing using next-generation sequencing technologies to help in the discovery of key polymorphisms to keep the grains pure and hygienic and longer shelf-life.

For best result, soak rice for about 30 min before cooking.

Cooking Instruction:Choose one of the following methods according to your usual practice of cooking and the desired quantity. For best results wash the uncooked rice under running water until the water runs clear. Soak for 30 minutes.


  • Open pan cooking – 4 units of water for 1 unit of rice.
  • Close pan cooking – 2 units of water for 1 unit of rice.
  • Microwave – 1 and half of water for 1 unit of rice.
  • Electric rice cooker – 2 units of water for 1 unit of rice.

Open pan: Bring water to boil. Add the pre-soaked rice and stir. Cook uncovered for approx. 6-7 min on medium heat. Drain in a sieve. Serve hot.

Closed pan:Put the drained rice and water in a pan. Bring to a boil and cover with a tight lid. Allow it to simmer for 9-10 minutes. Remove from heat, drain well and serve.

Microwave: Place the soaked rice and water in the bowl, Stir once and cover with cling film. Cook for 6 min. Remove bowl from the oven and leave it to stand for 10 min before serving. (For a 650 Watt. Oven, microwave 300 gems of rice at a time)

Electric rice cooker: Place the soaked rice in the cooker. Add the measured water. Switch on the cooker. The rice cooker will automatically switch from the ‘cook’ to keep warm mode. Allow the rice to steam at the ‘keep warm’ position for 10-15 min.